Get Grounded!

February 6th, 2017

Today’s recipe is pretty simple… All you need is your body + the outdoors to receive a a HUGE hit of energy and what I like to call ‘Vitamin G’ (which stands for ‘grounding’, also known as ‘earthing) 🌿🍂🌾 What is grounding/earthing? It’s connecting any part of your body – most commonly your feet – with the earth

Yesterday, I grounded myself in one of my fav places on earth: @centralparknewyork where the earth is RICH in energy. I kicked off my shoes and stood with my bare feet on the grass and did some deep breathing exercises that made me feel calm and connected. I also took time to soak up the sun ☀️☀️ for a big hit of Vitamin D, critical to your mental state, bone strength and overall immune system.

If it’s cold outside where you live, surround yourself with more plants and fresh flowers indoors and try to making the occasional trip outdoors to walk amongst nature and brush your bare hands past trees and plants to connect in with the earth.

If this all sounds a little too ‘woo woo’ for you, think about it for a sec… What makes grass, flowers, trees grow and flourish? Soil! And what stimulates that soil to remain full of nutrients and abundant energy? The earth! Don’t forget, at the centre of its core, the earth is pure heat and natural energy that we can absorb by connecting our bodies with grass/soil/nature for a few minutes each day, or a couple of hours a week.

And the best part of Vitamin G? It’s completely free!!!

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