Up, up & away I go…Off to Arizona for @mindbodygreen

December 20th, 2017

Up, up & away I go… Off to Arizona for @mindbodygreen#mbgrevitalize event – a gathering like no other, where the latest in health & wellness is showcased & experienced

The cool thing about this event? YOU can take part too! Tune in via the mbg website + my Insta stories over the weekend ‍✨

As always, here’s a selection of stuff I’m taking en route…

@kulikulifoods moringa tea & @matchafulmatcha tea + tea strainer for loose leaf teas ☕️

@vitajuwel crystal-infused bottle

My dehydrated super soup (see previous post for recipe) safely stored in my BPA-free, travel friendly @stasherbag

@defendershield earplugs to (safely) listen to audiobooks, music and podcasts, EMF-free

Assortment of crystals to keep my energy clear (laboradite), protected (shungite) and calm (amethyst)

@drbronners_australia peppermint hand soap + antibacterial spray. Both house all real ingredients that won’t affect my skin’s natural PH levels

Colloidal silver spray to disinfect & keep nasty bacteria out of my zone. I spray my chair, arm rests, TV screen, remote control – anything I touch during the flight

@gaiaherbs herbs Lemon Balm tincture to nurture my adrenals & keep my cortisol levels (that typically rise during travel) down

@naissancetrading cacay oil to hydrate my skin during the flight. Since using this magical oil, my skin has never looked & felt so hydrated

@fernolivia‘s Ajai oil – a girl can never travel with too many hydrating, sensual oils!

@badgerbalm organic anti-bug body spray because: Arizona = desert = bugs!

@naturopathica custom oil blend I created – a mix of organic rose otto, sandalwood, roman chamomile & jasmine

@sunroot.eu dried organic jerusalem artichoke crisps for a good dose of prebiotic fibre

@crystaldeodorant – I’m forever searching for great aluminium-free, crap-free natural deodorants (other than the one I make myself).

Purse with palo santo wood to burn & cleanse my hotel room.

@the100mileman, Jesse Itzler’s book which is incredibly entertaining & so easy to read – this guy’s drive & determination needs to be bottled & sold ‍♀️

@rayban sunnies because: BEST in eyewear protection

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