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April 30, 2017

Ahhhh!! I’m SO excited to share this yummy plant based recipe after receiving RAVE reviews from one of my beautiful celebrity (vegan) clients who just called me all the way from LA to tell me how much she & her children are loving it, hooray! Apparently – at their request – she has Continue Reading…


Rockin’ Raw Salad

March 20, 2017
Leonardo da Vinci once said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” which means I have one VERY sophisticated salad sitting in front of me right now (pictured above)  This beautiful raw rainbow salad (big enough for 4 sizeable servings) cost only $3.50 to make because I shopped locally for the ingredients and added parsley and mint from my garden 🌱

Healthy, delicious and PACKED with all kinds of amazing plant-based goodness to keep your system functioning well, you really can’t go wrong with this one  Great enjoyed as raw side salad topped with a delish dressing drizzled over the top OR sautéed in a little coco oil/ghee + a pinch of mineral-rich sea salt, served in place of starchy carbs like sweet potato, rice, quinoa, pasta, etc
Super easy to make if you have a food processor or an all-in-one dream machine like my @magimix_australia Cook Expert Follow the fool-proof steps below to make this simple-yet-so-good salad…


You need:

  • 1 small head of cauliflower (core removed and saved for later – chop and use in a stir fry or add into your morning smoothie 💚)
  • 1/2 purple cabbage
  • 6 medium orange carrots .
  • 2 shallots – green part only
  • Juice of 1 lemon (Meyer lemon is best, but use what you can)
  • 4 sprigs fresh parsley (dried is fine also)
  • Mint leaves to top – optional .

You do:

  1. Place cauliflower, cabbage, carrot and parsley – one at a time – in food processor .
  2. Pulse each veggie to create smaller, pebble-like pieces. Don’t blend because you risk turning them to mush
  3. Chop shallots and add with all other ingredients in a bowl. Combine well, then drizzle your favourite dressing ingredients over the top (my current obsession is extra virgin olive oil + dried garlic flakes + dried rosemary + @hilbilbyculturedfood Fire Tonic apple cider vinegar) OR sauté this mix in a little coconut oil or ghee and serve with a protein of your choice
  4. Yum. Fun. And so, so, SO good for your insides raw OR cooked! Enjoy!!
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Countdown to #Revitalise2016

September 9, 2016

In t-minus 4 days, my beloved and I are leaving London on yet another adventure… This time, we’re headed to Arizona to attend the much anticipated mindbodygreen event: ‘#revialise2016’. This will be our first time attending in the flesh which is so SUPER exciting – I can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend away than learning, sharing and celebrating new health and wellness information with likeminded people #bringiton

And the best bit? Continue Reading…

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Mango & Peach Salsa

August 26, 2016
chef shine

Mangoes and peaches anyone? I spotted these abandoned gems on W14th and 8th this morning on the way to @theclassbytt 😍💗 Here’s a great recipe if you decide to go rescue them OR if you’re somewhere else in the world with these fabulous fruits in your fridge or fruit bowl…

Continue Reading…

Chef in the City

August 4, 2016

Getting in a little moving meditation this morning, walking around my ‘hood (this is the backside of the famous Flatiron Building which is just as lovely as the more-iconic frontside!).  Later this morning, I’m heading to a meeting with my wonderful Hay House editor to continue work on my children’s book that I CANNOT wait to share with YOU!🙏🏻📚💗 Continue Reading…

Chef in the City

New York, New York!

July 27, 2016
This image represents my current mood since arriving in New York  because it’s NEW YORK! Where it all began for me, when I moved here last year to pursue my goals of becoming a qualified, educated Natural Foods Chef 🌟🍴  After trying all kinds of things with my diet, not really knowing if I was helping or hindering my body, I took control and decided to get Continue Reading…
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Gluten Free, Easy Peasy Squash Crackers

July 7, 2016
chef shine

The very beginning stages of my squish squash crackers – I’m out all day and need a little real-food sustenance while I’m on the go! If you haven’t made these yet, you MUST!! Free from gluten, dairy, eggs and sugar, they’re a crispy little cracker that’s easy to make and take wherever you may go👌🏻💫😋 Continue Reading…


Roast Tomatoes & Lovely Lycopene

June 17, 2016
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YUM!! It’s roast tomatoes for me today that taste out-of-this-world amazing with some some sautéed kale, chickpeas and squash – fresh, real, whole foods that give my body a great dose of nutrition! 👌🏻

I used to eat a LOT of uncooked tomatoes, which are just as delish (and very nutritious), however at culinary school I learnt that Continue Reading…


Plant Protein Stir Fry

June 16, 2016
chef shine

Prepping a healthy chickpea stir fry for lunch today while my beloved and I get to “werk-werk-werk-werk-werk-werk” (sung Rhianna-style – does anyone else get this part of her song stuck in their mind, or is it just me?). I’m working on creating a yummy e-book I’ll be giving away to celebrate the launch of my brand-spanking-new website, coming soon! 🙏🏻 The busier I get, the more I turn to meals that are fast and full of nutrients, vitamins, proteins and healthy fats. Nourish your insides and you’ll be able to work longer, harder and happier! Continue Reading…