Spaghetti (Tempeh) Bolognese

Winner, winner, PLANT-BASED dinner! I spent all day today working on content for my new website that will support my soon-to-be-released Hay House book, I completely forgot to visit the markets to stock up on food for dinner, whoops!

Luckily, I’m a girl whose eyes are bigger than her stomach! I rarely run out of food and can always pull something delish together with whatever is lying around in my fridge. Case and point: the plant-based, pasta-free yummy spaghetti bolognese pictured above 👌🏻 In place of pasta, I spiralized the most wonderfully crisp daikon radish a friend (and local farmer) gifted me during the week.

To create the bolognese, I combined BPA-free tinned organic tomatoes with a bunch of spices and added diced courgette, carrots and last but not least, the most AMAZING organic tempeh I have ever tasted  My love for organic tempeh first started when I began to rebuild my body and re-establish my health. Tempeh was something I was advised by my holistic doctor to factor into my diet because it can:
 – help increase bone density
 – promote muscle recovery
 – be a wonderful source of protein – matching animal protein almost gram for gram
 – help replenish vitamins and minerals within the body – it contains  – high levels of vitamins B5, B6, B3 and B2
 – support your gut garden, as it’s essentially fermented soybeans, so it’s LOADED with good probiotics

In terms of best brands to try:

🇦🇺Primasoy from Let’s Be Natural in Canberra, or any high quality health food store

🇺🇸 Barry’s Tempeh from Brooklyn, or any high quality organic tempeh made locally to you.

🇬🇧 Impulse Organics from Planet Organic

I’ll be sharing more recipes featuring tempeh soon, so stay tuned – and have a great weekend!



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