When was the last time you made a detoxifying, exfoliating mask for your face

December 20th, 2017

When was the last time you made a detoxifying, exfoliating mask for your face

Last week/month/year/never? Then let this be a sign it’s time to create the recipe I share with you below…

If you saw my facebook live with @trinnywoodall earlier this year you know I’ve been creating my own stuff for a while.

And I’ve been delving further into the word of natural, non-toxic skin care formulation, recently enrolling to study @formulabotanica to become a professional ‘Organic Skincare Formulation Specialist’ ‍

I’m also THRILLED to share that I’ve become Guest Beauty Editor for my wellness warrior HERO @crazysexykris#staytunedformore ✨‍✨

To celebrate all this wonderful news, let’s CLEANSE by creating these magical grains that will last up to 6 months!

This mask will remove impurities & leave your skin feeling as smooth as a baby’s bum MINUS harsh hormone-disrupting chemicals

Before you get creating, here’s more info about the ingredients:

Bentonite Clay:

✨exfoliates & increases circulation

✨powerful destroyer of acne – brings toxins to the surface of your skin which means acne may appear to intensify BUT that’s part of the purging process.

Kaolin Clay:

✨removes dead layers of skin & has disinfectant properties to help skin heal


✨moisturising & balances skin’s natural pH levels

Activated Charcoal

✨eradicates bacteria, dirt & micro-particles

✨SUPER effective at grabbing & binding onto foreign substances like bacteria, impurities & poisons – it’s been used in hospitals for years!


You need:

3 tbs bentonite

3 tbs kaolin

3 tbs oats, finely ground (I use a coffee grinder)

2 grams activated charcoal powder (or about 6 capsules)

non-metal measuring spoons, bowl and storage container – super important!


10-12 drops of your fav organic, skin-friendly essential oils.

You do:

✨Measure & combine clays + oats, stir well. Add charcoal & essential oils. Store in glass or plastic.

✨To use take about a tsp of grains & add a few drops of water to make a wet paste. Gently massage onto your skin.

✨Leave for 10 mins for a deep cleanse. Rinse with lukewarm water & moisturise.

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