Raw, Real Healthy White Chocolate Recipe


Today I want to share something I’ve been making for years: my very simple, extremely delicious, raw, REAL ‘white chocolate’ recipe. I say ‘REAL’ because most white chocolate sold at the grocery store is made up of all kinds of fake, heavily processed junk – no chocolate ingredients to be seen which you can check yourself if you flip over to the back and read out the looooong list of unhealthy ingredients. Sadly, to overcompensate for not adding true chocolate ingredients like cacao butter or cacao powder, most big confectionary companies pack in fake flavours, additives, colourings and other weird stuff – sad but true 🙁

The good news is YOU can totally make your own white chocolate using the recipe below. If you’re a fan of trying new, health supportive creations, then give this a go…though be warned: once you make your own chocolate, you won’t ever be able to enjoy the cheap, store-bought stuff again. Cheers to that I say!

Raw, Real Healthy White Chocolate Recipe
Recipe type: Sweet Treats,Sweetened,Unsweetened, Quick and Easy,5 minutes or less
  1. Take 1-3 chunks of cacao butter and melt it down in a small saucepan on a low heat. Try not to raise the heat about 60 degrees because it starts to kill off all the good nutrients, so keep heat low until the butter begins to slowly melt into a puddle of yumminess. 😋
  2. Add a natural sweetener like raw honey, brown rice syrup or agave nectar OR you could just add some food-grade essential oil if you're into that kind of thing. Recently, I've been playing with different food grade oil flavours, and I have to share that I'm convinced they're wonderful additions to your diet (provided you use them sensibly and in small amounts).
  3. If adding oils, one drop will do for this small batch. I used orange oil for th but peppermint is also pretty wonderful!) then pour into a silicon mold and leave to set in the fridge for at least an house. And get creative - sometimes add in things like flax seed for a little crunch...you can also add things like maca powder, beetroot powder or acai berry powder if that floats your boat. Enjoy!! 😘✌🏻️


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