Going Green Juice

It’s been a while since I blitzed my favourite cleansing veggies to make a delicious, cholorophyll-fiilled green juice… I don’t even have a juicer!

But ever since spending time with David Avocado Wolfe, I’ve felt super inspired to add in a green juice every now and then to turbo-boost my health and vitality

So how did I made this green glass of goodness?  Easy!! I blitzed a small bunch of veggies (full recipe below) then strained it all through a nut milk bag to separate the pulp and juice

And because I’m a girl who likes to use the WHOLE vegetable (to ensure there’s no waste) I used the leftover pulp to make the super yummy veggie burgers for my beloved and I

If you want in on this detoxifying delight, here y’go… Just make sure you choose organic veggies where possible and don’t forget to give them a good scrub before you make this amazingness.

Going Green Juice
Recipe type: Elixirs and Tonics
  • 1 large lebanese cucumber
  • 4 sticks of celery AND its leaves – use the whole stick because the leaves hold the majority of goodness!
  • ¼ lemon (skin and pulp included)
  • ½ cup 100% coconut water
  1. Blitz it all up baby! If you have a juicer, fantastic!! If you don’t, just blitz on high until all veggies are pulverised, then
  2. Grab a nut milk bag and pour the juice through to separate
  4. Keep the pulp and add a chia egg (or a real one depending your diet/preference).
  5. Add your fav herbs and spices, then flatten palm-sized amounts into small patties and fry in a little coco oil or ghee


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