Easy-peasy Nut Butter


To make this healthy treat, you’ll need a good quality blender. I’m lucky enough to own a Thermomix that completes the job nicely and efficiently, but I know many people achieving the same smooth, nut-buttery result with a Vitamix or Blendtech. In a (healthy) nutshell, aim for a blender that can withstand 20 – 40 mins of constant blitzing on the highest setting.

If you think your current blender can’t stand the heat and want to buy a new one, now’s not the time to be cutting corners. The first time I attempted to make almond butter I used a cheap, low wattage blender and set off the fire alarm thanks to the amount of smoke it created before dying a very fast, dramatic death.

You’ve been warned. Invest in a good blender – your food (and the people who eat it) will thank you. Now back to the nut butter!

Easy-peasy Nut Butter
Recipe type: Savoury Snacks
Cuisine: Nut Butter
  • Bag of your favourite nuts (I make all kinds of nut butters, but the picture in this post is my almond butter mixed with chia seed, ground organic espresso and a little cinnamon – YUM!)
  • Super powerful blender
  • Bowl filled with filtered water to soak your nuts overnight (this step is optional – you do NOT have to soak your nuts, but it does make them a little easier to digest and blitz!)
  • Extra add ins: for example, you could throw in a little cinnamon, chia seed, flax seed or a different type of crushed nut – be creative! Anything in the sweet spice family would work and you can’t go wrong with combining nuts.
  1. Start with about 300-400 grams of nuts depending upon your blender. In my Thermie, I can get away with about 500 grams of nuts which is a LOT. Start small to test this out.
  2. Pour nuts into blender and blitz on high until nuts have reached the desired smoothness YOU prefer. I like to change it up – sometimes I like my nut butter chunky, other times I’ll make it super smooth.
  3. Be sure to stand by your blender while it’s blitzing – don’t walk away from it because you’ll need to stop it and scrape down the sides to make sure all of the nuts are combined.
  4. Once you get to your desired consistency, add your extra bits like espresso, cinnamon, chia seed, give it another quick blitx to combine then pour into recycled jam/mason jar and store in fridge or a cool place. I store my homemade coconut, hazelnut, cashewnut and pinenut butter in my pantry which is nice and cool. My almond butter always goes in the fridge because almonds can go rancid quite quickly.
  5. Don’t forget to stir the nut butter each time you use it to re-combine the natural oils that rise to the top of the jar.
  6. Be careful not to overindulge in this sweet treat, it’s very easy to do (I speak from plenty of experience!) Aim for about a golf ball size amount (about 1 tbs) with whatever it is you’re eating. Pair with fruit, veggies, sky’s the limit!



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