Easy Make-At-Home Coconut Yoghurt


Here’s the first look at my very own coconut yoghurt – no nasties added, JUST coconut milk and kefir… 🌟 SO much cheaper (and yummier!) than the store-bought stuff and not too hard to make (I promise!). Here’s how I did it, why not give it a go?!

Easy Make-At-Home Coconut Yoghurt
Recipe type: Sweet Treats,Unsweetened,Quick and Easy,5 minutes or less
  1. Refrigerate your can of Coconut Milk. If you want super thick yoghurt, only use the coconut cream that rises to the top & use the watery stuff underneath in smoothies or cooking. If you want a runnier yoghurt, use the whole contents of the can.
  2. Place coconut milk (or just cream) into your glass jar with either the tablespoon of coconut kefir grains OR the contents of your probiotic capsule (twist it open and empty contents together with the coconut - mix well for at least 15 mins with a plastic spoon, remove all clumps for best results).
  3. Seal the jar and place in the oven with light on - don't turn the oven on though!! Close the door and turn on the light to generate a stable temperature of about 40C/105F, ideal conditions for the probiotic to grow and ferment.
  4. Refrigerate after about 24 hours - you can stop the process earlier, but I always get a thicker yoghurt after 24 hours. It really just depends upon the season you're in right now too!
  5. Mix into smoothies, use as a base for sauces (add turmeric and garlic for a DELISH, decadent, healthy savoury sauce). Or just enjoy on it own with some crunchy cacao nibs, sprinkle of cinnamon, whatever floats your boat!Enjoy ✌🏻️😘


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