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Kale-ish Granola

February 4, 2017

Oh Kale YES!! I’ve managed to perfect my chocolate kale granola recipe (below) so it’s time to share with you 🎉 For a while, I avoided using kale in my recipes because I was seeing it everywhere…I’m a Natural Foods Chef who doesn’t follow food trends 👩🏼‍🍳 I create recipes to serve the body first.

Since operating this way, I’ve Continue Reading…


Wakame Seaweed Salad

February 2, 2017

HOLY HEAT WAVE, I’m melting wicked-witch style here in Australia! 🔥

So when it comes to feeding and nourishing my insides on days like these, I opt for cooling, soothing foods like the one pictured – can you tell what it is? I’ll give you a hint – it’s a type of seaweed that: Continue Reading…


Rainbow Swiss Chard

January 27, 2017

I sometimes buy vegetables purely to marvel at their beauty… I mean just LOOK at this rainbow-coloured swiss chard! It’s as if Mother Nature herself took her out her paintbrush and paints and individually coloured each magnificent stem! 🎨🌱

I’m relatively late to the swiss chard party to be honest… Before culinary school, I’d Continue Reading…


How to Make Ginger Juice

January 10, 2017

If you told me 5 years ago I’d be juicing fresh ginger on a Sunday before enjoying an hour-long meditation session, followed by working on my Hay Houseinc book in a bath full of magnesium flakes, I’d have given you a VERY funny look!


But these days, this is what floats my boat! It’s just a small snapshot of what I love to do in the name of Continue Reading…


Bee-licious Bee Pollen

January 6, 2017

Praising this bee pollen amazingness (pictured above) that has helped me cope with the insane hay fever issue happening across Australia right now… Years ago, before I was aware of Continue Reading…


JOY-filled Lemon Slice

December 24, 2016

JOY can take form in so many ways, let’s make a pact to NEVER stop exploring how we can bring more joy into our lives – starting with making this delish, gut-friendly plant-based lemon slice I just created to fill the teensy tiny little spot left in my stomach after eating all the yummy, nourishing (real) food I made to celebrate Christmas 🎄 From my happy Natural Foods Chef heart to yours, enJOY!

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Crunchy Almond Butter Cookies

November 18, 2016

How to pack for a trip to Australia? 👋🏻✈️

  • Take one copy of Julie Montagu’s (‘the flexi foodie’) latest cookbook: ‘Super Foods Super Fast‘, flip to page 162 and bake yourself these Crunchy Almond Butter Cookies! So easy…so tasty…so what are you waiting for?!
  • Combine baking with a little shaking…of yo’ booty to @spotify’s ‘All Out 80’s’ playlist and you are on your way to packing and snacking SUCCESS!

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Healthy Chocolate Tonic Smoothie

October 28, 2016

So apparently it’s #nationalchocolateday today! But here’s the deal…I don’t need an official day to remind me to enjoy the magic that is raw, health-supportive chocolate!! I choose to enjoy chocolate in its raw form most days – I love creating different, nourishing treats using simple, REAL food ingredients like the ones used in the healthy choccie tonic smoothie recipe below… Continue Reading…