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Easy Make-At-Home Coconut Yoghurt

March 20th, 2017

Here's the first look at my very own coconut yoghurt - no nasties added, JUST coconut milk and kefir... 🌟 SO much cheaper (and yummier!) than the store-bought stuff and not too hard to make (I promise!). Here's how I did it, why not give it a go?! Continue Reading...

Beautiful Beetroot Cous Cous

March 18th, 2017

Introducing my current whole food obsession: beetroot cous cous! 😍 SO easy to throw together - just grab a bunch of RAW beetroot from your local markets or grocery store instead of the 'stuff 'that comes in a can. Why? Because canned Beetroot is typically mixed with sulphites, sugar and food colouring that messes with your gut/digestion #nothankyou right!? I have been doing this a LOT lately...making vegetable cous cous in place of the usual gluten free grains I eat. Sometimes it's good to change things up - in life and food, I highly recommend it. Continue Reading...

Grilled (Cute) Courgettes

March 18th, 2017

I LOVE courgettes - or should I type 'zucchini' which is what we call them in Oz and here in the US! 💗 These baby ones are sweet n' juicy, packed with potassium (about 295 milligrams per cup) which makes them super heart-healthy, definitely one of my fav things to eat because of their versatility when it comes to how you can flavour and prepare them. Did you know also they're technically a fruit because they come from a flower which you can also eat? True story! Continue Reading...

Blueberry Maca Smoothie

March 18th, 2017

Happy FriYAY!!! Aside from the smoothie bowl recipe below, I thought share this image with you - a total sneak peak into my b'fast construction zone this morning... I love building smoothie bowls, using different toppings and ingredients each time so my body doesn't become intolerant to my fav bits and pieces! Continue Reading...

Straight Outta Canberra!

March 18th, 2017

This smoothie is 'straight outta Canberra', and headed straight into my mouth! 👌🏻🙏🏻 Continue Reading...

Luscious London Green Smoothie

March 18th, 2017

Two planes and 24 hours later, my beloved and I (+ the 8 pieces of luggage consisting mostly of tulle for his art exhibition in October) made it back to London safe n' sound, hooray! 🙏🏻 🇬🇧 Before I share the recipe for this yummy green smoothie I just whipped up, I want to give a quick shoutout to the wonderful British Airways crew 🌟 Aside from the impromptu plane yoga class I Continue Reading...

Flaxseed Granola

March 17th, 2017

Just whipped up a batch of this yum-tastic flaxseed granola - perfect for those looking for a protein-packed, low carb breakfast free from gluten, dairy, sugar (also great for those wanting something to help clean out the intestines to support healthy functioning bowels! 💩👌🏻). Flaxseed (also known as linseed) are a rich source of micronutrients, dietary fibre, manganese, vitamin B1, and the essential fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid, also known as 'ALA' or 'omega-3'. Continue Reading...

Raw, Real Healthy White Chocolate Recipe

March 17th, 2017

Today I want to share something I've been making for years: my very simple, extremely delicious, raw, REAL 'white chocolate' recipe. I say 'REAL' because most white chocolate sold at the grocery store is made up of all kinds of fake, heavily processed junk - no chocolate ingredients to be seen which you can check yourself if you flip over to the back and read out the looooong list of unhealthy ingredients. Sadly, to overcompensate for not adding true chocolate ingredients like cacao butter or cacao powder, most big confectionary companies Continue Reading...

Dairy-free Cashew Nut Milk

March 17th, 2017

I'm enjoying frothy, fresh cashew nut milk with my breakfast today! To think I used to just drink boring ol' dairy milk!? Words just can't describe how flavoursome nut and seed milks are - so much nicer and more healthy supportive than dairy! Aside from being a satisfying, dairy alternative, cashew milk provides a good dose of healthy fats, Vitamin K, iron, magnesium and protein 👌🏻 Continue Reading...

Survive & Thrive Smoothie

March 17th, 2017

THIS smoothie got me through every single day of culinary school and now I'm sharing it with YOU! I'm convinced I was able to survive and thrive during my Natural Foods Chef studies thanks to the great amount of protein, healthy fats and nutrients housed inside this delicious breakfast drink! Try this the next time you want a creamy, dreamy health-supportive smoothie... < Continue Reading...

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