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Chef in the City

Chef in the City

I Voted!

June 23, 2016
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I vote YES to voting!! My beloved and I lodged our vote today for the upcoming election in Australia… No matter where I am in the world, I never miss voting time – I 💗 visiting different Australian High Commissions around the world when I’m not home to vote to have my say! Today our vote was lodged at Australia House here in London which was opened by King George (the 5th one) in 1918!

*stands up on soapbox, clears throat…*

Never miss your opportunity to have a say when it comes to voting time in your country. It’s your basic right as a human being, so get out there and vote, vote, VOTE when the time comes to make important decisions together with your fellow friends and citizens 👊🏻👌🏻👊🏻

*stands down from soapbox, bows and says…Namaste* 🙏🏻✌🏼️😘


Chef in the City

How to Make Carrot Ribbons

June 6, 2016
chef shine

Happy Monday!

I’m prepping to make a fancy-schmancy lunch today using a fun technique I learnt at culinary school… 🌱🔪 Ever wondered how to make those pretty carrot ribbons you see in foodie magazines? Looks super posh and primped but I promise Continue Reading…

Chef in the City

Goddesses Never Age!

June 4, 2016
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If there was one book I had to recommend every woman read, it would be this one by Dr Christiane Northrup… I first learnt about this wise woman when I heard her speak at a Hay House event where she rocked my world in the best possible way. Here’s one of my favourite pearls of wisdom from her latest book… Continue Reading…

Chef in the City

Happy (Hay House) News!

April 27, 2016
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Wow, wow, WOW!!

I am SO very excited to share my latest news with you… I am going to be a published Hay House author!! 🎉🙏🏻 Hay House is one of the world’s most respected, successful, heart-centred publishing houses in existence – a company I have admired (and wanted to be a part of) ever since I was gifted a first edition copy of Louise Hay’s ‘The Power Is Within You’ on my 15th birthday. Continue Reading…

Chef in the City

My Carry On Essentials

April 20, 2016
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Packing for my trip to Melbourne, ready to get my celebration on for the launch of Jason Heerah‘s AMAZING new album ‘Chasing Love’ (to hear him sing, take a look here and prepared to be BLOWN AWAY!! I think you’ll agree that his voice, his music…breathtaking! 🎶🙏🏻

Before every flight I make sure I have all the essentials with me… On this adventure, I’m taking Leah Follett‘s newly released book ‘Autistic to Artistic’ which is teaching me so many new things about health and wellbeing. I highly recommend this book regardless of whether or not you know someone with autism because it extends beyond that topic, plus it also houses some fantastic, health supportive recipes I can’t wait to try!👌🏻 Continue Reading…

Chef in the City, Recipes

February 19, 2016

Game, set, match! Filming is done and dusted, what a great few days it has been! Thanks goes to my partners in crime, the wonderful team Zephyr Productions for making cooking on-screen an extremely fun thing to do!

Can’t wait to see (and share!) the finished product with YOU! 😊🔪🎥