How to Make Ginger Juice

January 10, 2017

If you told me 5 years ago I’d be juicing fresh ginger on a Sunday before enjoying an hour-long meditation session, followed by working on my Hay Houseinc book in a bath full of magnesium flakes, I’d have given you a VERY funny look!


But these days, this is what floats my boat! It’s just a small snapshot of what I love to do in the name of‘self-care’ – a word so often connected with the word ‘selfish’ because I’m doing things for me, myself and I – but I’m ok with that, and I’m asking you to consider being a little selfish with your time too!

A yoga teacher once said “Danielle…you gotta be a little selfish to be selfless” and it rocked my world – causing me rethink my definition of ‘selfish’…

💡I can’t give to others if I don’t give to myself

💡I can’t care for others if I don’t care for myself

💡I can’t enjoy other people’s company if I can’t enjoy my own company

💡I can’t love others if I can’t love myself.

And so…here I am…juicing my fresh ginger that will soon work its way around my body 🌟 cooling and soothing areas of inflammation 🌟 spreading it’s anti-viral and anti-fungal properties throughout my body 🌟 helping to break down foods in my gut to support digestion.

If you want in on this action, you DO NOT need a fancy-schmancy juicer! All you need to do is follow the recipe below


  1. Grab a piece of fresh ginger
  2. Find a spoon and start scraping away ginger skin with the top egde of the spoon – you’ll find it peels right off with a little pressure applied
  3. Grate peeled ginger with a microplane or cheese grater (the smaller the shavings, the better)
  4. Collect grated ginger in a piece of muslin, cheesecloth or nut milk bag and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze that beautiful liquid GOLD straight into a glass jar

Drink ‘as is’ or add into smoothies, baking, cooking, sauces, dressings – whatever takes your fancy!

And don’t forget to do it all with love in your heart – for yourself AND for others!

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