What’s In My Kitchen Cupboards?

September 21, 2016
chef shine

Oh how I LOVE the evolution process! I can’t believe I used my oven & kitchen cupboards as storage for excess handbags, shoes, clothes way back when when I was a stressed-out, ex-model-turned-PR-girl who thought 💰= 😃🙈

These days, my kitchen cupboards are packed with lots of real foods, herbs, spices & minimally processed ingredients like healthy oils, nuts, seeds + other fun bits n’ pieces I love to experiment with when I’m developing new recipes to share with you 🎨🔪

This past weekend spent with fellow wellness warriors mindbodygreen’s #revitalize2016 event was incredibly inspiring for me💫 Aside from the learning, there was the connecting – with wonderful people, some of whom are behind incredibly authentic, health-supportive brands I prefer to spend my money on instead of buying the latest handbag, pair of shoes or an outfit that’s only going to make my outsides look good #whatmattersisontheinside

In case you want to check out some of the goodies I came home with (like the ‘brain dust’ which caused a few giggles when I had to declare it to UK customs 😂) I’ve listed all the brands below.

Think-Stay-Be WELL ✌🏻🌱😘


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