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I’m off to Arizona!

September 13, 2016
chef shine
So this is how I roll when I travel… As mentioned yesterday, I’m off to Arizona with my beloved to be part of mindbodygreen’s #revitalise2016 event which I’m SUPER excited about Aside from all the amazing people I’ll be sharing space with (did I mention I’ll be meditating with Charlie Knoles 🙏🏻 and having my microbiome tested with Dr Amy Shah💫) I just know I’m going to learn so many new and exciting things from some of the world’s leading visionaries, doctors and wellness warriors #thankful!!

Packing for this kind of adventure always begins with a variety of herbal teas and delicious plant proteins like: chia, hemp, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. To add a little sweetness, I pack extra bits like: tiger nuts, carob kibble, cacao nibs, coconut butter and my homemade grain-free granola👌🏻

I also like to make chia seed blends with organic wheatgrass powder, artichoke power, banana flour & a pinch of vanilla powder (sometimes I add a pinch of organic coffee) to mix with coconut milk 🍶 for an easy-peasy chia pudding that’s great as a snack or to eat for breakfast if the hotel doesn’t serve anything that meets my morning dietary needs – even if they do, I still sometimes opt for this delicious delight that you must try, the recipe is below. If you don’t have some of the ingredients, it’s all good, you can add in your favourite bits n’ pieces, just stick with the soaked chia + coconut milk and you can’t go wrong! 
Easy Peasy Chia Pudding
You need:

You do:

  • Mix soaked chia with all ingredients and devour with toppings of your choice. I like to mix it up, so sometimes I will sprinkle cacao nibs and a little more cinnamon on top… Sometimes I plop a nice dollop of nut butter on top – the sky is the limit! Just keep it REAL :)


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