Yellow Eggs And Spinach!

August 28, 2016
chef shine

Flashback to this nourishing meal, lovingly made yesterday by a beautiful friend of mine, Ksenia Avdulova who is the founder of Breakfast Criminals as well as many other inspiring, heart-centred businesses. Ksenia is off on a new magical journey soon which you can follow  via @digitaloralive on instagram 🌟

It’s amazing to me how food, when cooked with positive INTENTION & loving ATTENTION, tastes (and digests) so much better than food cooked at the best restaurant by the latest award-winning chef… Give me sautéed spinach and organic eggs (which I have re-introduced to help my body continue to heal) cooked in organic palm oil with a little turmeric powder and truffle salt any day! 🙏🏻 And don’t forget to add the avocado because healthy fats help you stay healthy, happy and glowing inside and out👌🏻🌱💫

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