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Wellness Warriors Unite!

August 27, 2016
mind body green

Last night I had the privilege of attending a fantastic Mind Body Green event in Brooklyn, New York to clebrate all-things-wellness. What does this mean?? A LOT of like-minded people ‘Wellness Warriors’ in the same room at the same time – I was in heaven!

During the night, there was a discussion led by MBG founder, Jason Wachob, who spoke with wellness warriors including Julie Piatt and Rich Roll, Tara Stiles and Chloe Coscarelli that covering things like the importance of sleep, disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with ourslves and nourishing ourselves with more plant-based foods. Needless to say, it was incredibly inspiring and made me think about how important it is to gather, celebrate and share information.

chef shine rich roll

Julie Piatt and Rich Roll

I was also lucky enough to meet the incredible Mama Glow founder and all ’round soul pioneer, Latham Thomas – wow, what an amazing lady. You can check out more about Latham here – needless to say, I was blown away by her warming presence and positive energy.


Latham Thomas and yours truly – photobomb courtesy of one of the most heart-centred (cheeky) girls I know, Tara Stiles.

No matter where you are in the world, I believe you can always find ‘your people’ if you put out what it is you want to attract – don’t forget: your vibe attracts your tribe, so be sure to radiate what it is you love to do, want to learn and what you want to contribute to this amazing world. If you live in a small town, I totally understand that it’s a little more challenging to meet people, however, there’s nothing stopping you hosting a meet up – advertise your event at your local library, post office, grocery store, cafe/s and book store/s and sure enough, you’ll draw in people. Set an intention before you place the advertisement in each place and be open to learning from and connecting with whoever walks in the door.

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