Gorgeously Green Juice

August 27, 2016
chef shine

It’s a green juice kinda day…💚

During the summer, I allow myself to enjoy a couple of cold pressed juices every now and then as a great way to feed and cool the body🌱 Yes, juices are typically filled with WAY too much fructose for the body to digest in one go, so I always choose wisely… This deliciousness from Gingersnaps Organic is made from kale, chard, cucumber, celery, pear and ginger – all ingredients that are great for the gut🙏🏻
I love this combination because there’s only ONE piece of fruit used in this juice: pears, which are one of the fruits you can enjoy in a juice thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties and sweet, sweet taste👍🏻 Packed with Vitamin C, pears house a LOT of nutrients that support digestion…they’re also more nutrient rich than other fruits typically found in juices like banana, apples, mangoes and pineapple.

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