Chef in the City

New York, New York!

July 27, 2016
This image represents my current mood since arriving in New York  because it’s NEW YORK! Where it all began for me, when I moved here last year to pursue my goals of becoming a qualified, educated Natural Foods Chef 🌟🍴  After trying all kinds of things with my diet, not really knowing if I was helping or hindering my body, I took control and decided to geteducated about nutrition, whole foods and how to prepare food and ingredients in ways that support and nourish your body. What I learnt at The Natural Gourmet Institute last year completely changed my life for the better and I will continue to share this knowledge with you via my blog and my media family including The Chrissy B Show, Best Self Magazine, Yoga Journal and soon, via my very first children’s book I will be publishing with Hay House💗🙏🏻💫

My hope is that through my recipes, articles, videos, TV appearances and Instagram posts (come say hi to me via @chef_shine) you and your loved ones can remain healthy and informed. Right! That’s enough from me – I’m off to stock my fridge FULL of yummy, real whole foods before visiting my favourite place of all time, Central Park, where I love to wander with my beloved and give major thanks for being alive!!!

Wishing you peace, love, happiness and adventures all the way from NYC ✌🏻️😘  And stay tuned for delish dishes and more insight into what life is like living in this big, fresh, juicy BIG apple 🍎🗽🗽🍎



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