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10% Off All Summer Classes at Natural Gourmet Institute

June 24, 2016
chef shine

SUPER excited to be heading back to my home-away-from-home, NEW YORK CITY! 🗽 This place lights me up in ways no other place can, I learnt so much living there last year, a piece of my heart will forever belong to NYC and my wonderful, world-famous culinary school, the Natural Gourmet Institute 🍏

Did you know you don’t have to become a Natural Foods Chef to visit and take classes at my school? TRUE story! You can drop in anytime and take a class – there’s all kinds on offer most afternoons, taught by some of the world’s best chef instructors, healers and nutritional experts.🌟I’ll be there during the summer assisting these classes and I want to see you there too!!👭👯👬

If you’re keen as (preservative-free) mustard to learn more about whole foods and how to prepare them in a way that makes your friends and family say “mmmmmmmmm!!!!!”, click on this link to choose what you want to attend and add ‘ngixdanielleshine‘ at checkout to score 10% OFF ALL SUMMER CLASSES!  🙌🏻🙏🏻🙌🏻

Be sure to get in quick though, space is limited in those kitchens! Oh! And let me know if you’re coming along because I want to meet you!✌🏻️😘

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