Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

June 7, 2016
chef shine

Whether you’re a parent packing school lunches, or someone who prefers to enjoy nutritious, real food snacks, here’s a little tip: always include some protein and healthy fats👌🏻


Because these two things combined will keep you feeling satisfied and full until your next mealtime👍🏻One of my fav protein-rich, healthy fats foods are pumpkin seeds. 1oz = 28g = one that handful houses 9g ofprotein as well as healthy minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc🙏🏻 Enjoy them plain, dry roasted OR soaked o/night, then roasted!

Here’s a yummy, simple recipe for roasted pumpkin seeds:

🌱Soak 1 cup seeds in drinking water o/night.

🌱Drain the next day the next day and mix with different spices (garlic + cumin + turmeric is a winner🏆).

🌱 Roast them until browned in a pre-heated 150C/250F oven.


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