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April 20, 2016
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Packing for my trip to Melbourne, ready to get my celebration on for the launch of Jason Heerah‘s AMAZING new album ‘Chasing Love’ (to hear him sing, take a look here and prepared to be BLOWN AWAY!! I think you’ll agree that his voice, his music…breathtaking! 🎶🙏🏻

Before every flight I make sure I have all the essentials with me… On this adventure, I’m taking Leah Follett‘s newly released book ‘Autistic to Artistic’ which is teaching me so many new things about health and wellbeing. I highly recommend this book regardless of whether or not you know someone with autism because it extends beyond that topic, plus it also houses some fantastic, health supportive recipes I can’t wait to try!👌🏻

I’m also taking my fav raw, organic chocolate from Loving Earth to enjoy while in the air – I like to drink peppermint tea +enjoy a couple of squares of choccie when I fly because anything more is too much for the gut to process under pressure in the air. 

What else… A couple of essential oils (eucalyptus, lemongrass and rosemary) and I always take colloidal silver to spray on my seat and seatbelt on the plane to kill germs effectively without harming myself with harsh chemicals and other weird stuff in those awful (good-bacteria-killing) santizer sprays!

Oh! I’ve also packed my natural deodorant paste which is one of best chemical-free deodorants on the market today. 
Aside from some crystals and my iPhone loaded with awesome podcasts like @livinlowcarbman, @jonathanbailor and @healthylo, I’m good to go!
Bon Voyage ✌🏻️😘

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