Just Do It!

April 1, 2016
chef shine

Here are some messages I feel compelled to share with YOU today… The card  in the picture was one that I pulled this morning from Gabrielle Bernstein’s ‘Miracles Now’ deck reads: “THE KEY TO GETTING WHAT I WANT IS TO ASK FOR IT.”

I wonder…What is the burning desire you wake with every day? Does it change or is it the same thing you focus on? What are you doing about obtaining it/experiencing it/making it happen? Are there people who could help you? Does your quest involve ASKING for help? Have you asked for help? Just do it!

The moment I began to ask, I began to receive – not always, but more times than not, when I asked for what I wanted instead of waiting and anticipating, my life got a whole lot more interesting. I also began to be asked by other people which made my life a whole lot more fulfilling!
Life speeds by in the blink of an eye so why wait any longer. Ask for it and ask NOW! Whatever answer you receive know the power always lies within you. Asking is the first step – making it happen comes next.

Happy FriYAY 🙏🏻💗👊🏻

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