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Getting Grounded

September 21, 2015
chef shine

Sometimes, when life gets a little cray cray, preventing me to to get out amongst nature, I feel an overwhelming urge to place my bare feet on real grass! This is me and my girl, Marisa – in Central Park, getting grounded. We sat, talked, laughed and soaked up the last of the summer sun… When was the last time you placed your bare feet on grass? Maybe a few minutes ago? Maybe a few months ago? Might sound a little hippy dippy, but I really do believe this earth has healing properties… And now there seems to be more and more awareness of this concept around the world – often referred to as ‘earthing’ or ‘grounding’.

I always feel more energised after coming into contact with nature. If you’ve never tried it, or thought about it before, give it a go – the least you’ll experience is soft grass beneath your feet. Turn off your phone, take a book or a friend and go get grounded – you and your body deserve some downtime.


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