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August 18, 2015
danielle shine chef shine

Holy mother of baking, today was yet another EPIC day in the kitchen. I mastered the art of healthy sticky buns today. Sounds crazy right? ‘Healthy’ sticky buns, but I assure you, these babies were gluten free, dairy free, egg free, processed-sugar-free morsels of H-E-A-V-E-N.

I also learned to create vegan waffles, french crepes, perfect pancakes and sensational savoury scones. They say a picture paints a thousand words, but I think the following pictures will also make you droooooool. So without further ado, I present a glimpse into my day today…enjoy :)


baking danielle shine chef shine

The essential ingredients – top is my flour mix, left is the yeast fermenting and rising, right is my walnut raisin and maple crystal mix (with a little rum extract)


This was taken after I had made the dough, kneading it to rise (twice) before rolling it out and filling it with the yummy contents… I’m learning that I love to work with dough – very relaxing, almost meditative!


Ta daaaaaaa – the finished, sticky bun, product! The smell of this was amazingly sweet….it makes me salivate just thinking about it!!

healthy waffle vegan danielle shine chef shine

Wonderful waffles with micro (edible) pansies and maple chilli glaze.

danielle shine chef shine healthy scones

My sensational, savoury scones featuring sundried tomato and fresh rosemary – recipe coming soon because these are way too good to keep all to myself!

danielle shine chef shine natural foods chef

My girl, Chef Nate and I, sampling our wares and celebrating with selfies, naturally!

danielle shine chef shine natural gourmet institute

A small tasting plate we put together featuring a little of everything we made today. We often share the finished product/s with staff and students at the Natural Gourmet Institute. As Chef Alex says “sharing is caring”…

danielle shine chef shine

The ‘after’ shot of the tasting plate as is came back to us… I think this means everyone liked what we made today???

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