Nuts about milk

May 21, 2015
Nut milk benefits

After recently learning I am intolerant to all kinds of dairy, my morning milky porridge seemed done for…

I tried (out of desperation!) to make the same concoction with boiling water and a little stevia, but what resulted was a big ol’ pile of bland mush. Even with added blueberries and nuts, the mix just didn’t work – the milk is what made it moreish and satisfying. So what is a dairy-intolerant girl to do?

Enter homemade NUT MILK.

Sorry to shout, I’m just so excited to tell you all about this delish little discovery of mine. Have you tried it?

I began with coconut – it was one of the very few things on my foodie list I wasn’t intolerant to, so I thought that would be a good start. I liked the idea of a coconut milk porridge in the morning, so off I went, soaking, blending and straining until I filled a litre jar with milky white goodness.

It tasted amazing.

So you’re right in thinking I didn’t stop there – I was on a nut milk crusade! Walnuts next (thick and yum!); pine-nuts (creamy and delish); macadamias (please, need I say more?) and cashews (dairy who?).

I also made almond and hazelnut milk though, thanks to my intolerances, my husband, AKA my ‘CTT’ (Chief Taste Tester) had to taste test those and the feedback on both counts was “THIS is made from nuts??”.

Moral of this short but milky-sweet story is…

Try nut milk.



Are you going to?

I think you should!

In fact I shall be posting some nut milk recipes super soon, so be sure to return.


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